Praise of the Virgin Icon

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Praise of the Virgin Icon icon has been painted to XIX century in Leushinsk monastery which had special protection of John Kronshtadtskiy who often visited it. He presented the copy of Leushinsk icon to a merchant by name Vasily Muravev who in the future would became a great prayer and monk with new name Serphim Vyritskiy. John Kronshtadtkiy called this icon « the Rescuer of Russia», he blessed Vasily Muravev to pray for Russia, he predicted for Russia future grief and the troubles. This icon was with Seraphim Vyritskiy all time. Now the icon is in Ukraine, in Kozeletsk Piously-Georgievsk monastery near Chernigov. On Leushinsk town church in St.-Petersburg there is a copy of icon. This icon also has name « The Praise of the Virgin » since main temple of Leushinsk monastery has been consecrated in honor of this holiday.

The icon was made in Sofrino church factory, this is in Moscow region.

Image of the icon is made with high-quality polygraph with double layers of metallography printing. It is pasted to the thin (3 mm) MDF plate basis.

The icon was consecrated by the provost of the Russian Orthodox church of St.Seraphim in Sofrino village.
This is a religious object, please, treat it carefully and in a worthy manner

Size: 21.5x18 cm/8-2/3x7-1/5"

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