Russian Cuisine

Russian coockingRussian cuisine is one of the most popular and widely spread in the world. French cuisine is festive and elegant, Chinese cuisine is exotic, Russian cuisine is healthy and delicious. Russian dishes are easy to cook and they do not demand much skill and special ingredients, they do not need exotic equipment and tools and everybody who knows how to hold a cooking knife and how to peel potatoes can cook delicious Russian dishes.

Russian cuisine had a large influence of cuisines of other countries (German, English, French), especially when Russian tsar Peter the Great "opened the window to Europe, as he expressed. In spite of that Russian cuisine preserved its individuality, singularity and uniqueness. Thus the Russian cooking is unthinkable without bread, pancakes, pies , porridges soups, without verity of fish and mushroom dishes, pickling. Russians pay much attention to dishes for first course - different kind of soups, they can be cooked of vegetables, meat, fish, mushrooms such as shchi, ukha, rassolnik, solyanka, botvinnik, okroshka.

Here you can see a list of some popular Russian recipes that can be cooked at home without much efforts.

Russian cooking recipes Russian cooking recipes