Apple Pancakes

2 lb (1 kg) flour
 7 sour apples
 5 eggs
 3 oz (80 gm) yeast
 2 cups milk

Way of cooking
Make sourdough in milk. To this end dilute the yeast with a small amount of warm milk, pour half the flour into it and stand in a warm place to let the dough rise. Bake the apples in n oven, rub through a sieve to make apple paste. Mix the apple paste with the sourdough, add the remaining flour and egg-yolks. Mix well and dilute with the cream until as thick as sour cream. Let the dough rise again and bake pancakes.

I dare to advise you to use not baked apples, pancakes will be freshy and more juicy (is it posiible to say in this way?)