Categories of Goods

Glass Sea Creatures Figurines

Sea Life Creatures

Glass Fish Figurines are hand blown figurines and miniature sculptures which desribe different sea inhabitants like glass fishes and dolphins, whales and seahorses, octopuses...

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mini glass animals

Miniature Figurines

Miniature Glass Animal Figurines are hand blown in technique of lampworking. All these little glass animals are created by Russian applied art artists in the studios of...

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Glass Animal Figurines

Wild Animals

Glass Animal Figurines which are displayed here are individually made by hand by skilled artists from St.Petersburg in Russia. Our glass animals are intended for collectors...

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Glass catfigures


Glass Cat Figurines might be real godsends for collectors of cat collectibles. Such figurines may be very good gift ideas for your friends, children, relatives and dear...

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Glass Bird Figurines


Glass Bird Figurines which are displayed on these pages represent different types of birds - glass hummingbirds, eagles, owls, crows, parrots, bluebirds, herons, pelicans,...

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Glass dog figurines


Glass Dog Figurines and sculptures which are displayed here represent the verity of dogs - little poodles, angry bull terriers, cute dachshunds, just plain mongrels. All...

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Glass farm

Farm Animals

These exquisite glass farm animals figurines, figures and sculptures are real pieces of glass art, these glass farm inhabitants are hand-crafted by Russian artisans with...

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Glass insects figurines


Glass insects figurines are objects of collecting of art glass pieces. Glass insects, wasps, bumblebees, bees, scorpions, caterpillars, ladybirds, dragonflies, grasshoppers,...

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Glass reptile figurines


Glass reptile figurines probably are not as much pretty as animals or cats but definitely glass reptiles are desired objects of collecting. Different hand blown glass...

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