Icon Tsar's Family

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Size: 22x18 cm/8.8x7.2"


Icon Tsar's Family -  saints the Tsar Martyr Nicholas II, Tsarina Martyr Alexandra, Tsarevich Martyr Alexis, Grand Duchess Martyr Olga, Grand Duchess Martyr Tatiana, Grand Duchess Martyr Marie, and Grand Duchess Martyr Anastasia, this holy glorification and act of Holy Canonization took place in Moscow, Russia on August 19-29, 2000.

The icon was made in Sofrino church factory, this is in Moscow region.

Image of the icon is made with high-quality polygraph with double layers of metallography printing. It is pasted to the thin (3 mm) MDF plate basis.

The icon was consecrated by the provost of the Russian Orthodox church of St.Seraphim in Sofrino village.
This is a religious object, please, treat it carefully and in a worthy manner

Size: 22x18 cm/8.8x7.2"