Zhostovo Tray Ash-Berries on Black


Size 33x23 cm/13x9"

Zhostovo Tray Ash-Berries on Black is a metal tray which is hand-made and hand-painted in the art workshop in Zhostovo village.This is an author work by artist Viktor Khitrov - this is well known applied art artist, he has been painting Zhostovo trays for more than 40 years. On the back side there is s tamp of the workshop to protect from copying.

The tray is made of metal by fogging, then it is covered with background and then the artist painted these wonderful floral decoration. The tray is painted with bright and durable oil paints, then the tray is covered with some layers of transparent glossy lacquer to protect the painting.

Each tray is made in one copy only and each tray is painted by artist .

Size 33x23 cm/13x9"

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