Faberge Boxes

Faberge Box is one of the most interesting and attractive item in the series of Faberge jewellery pieces. These authentic original jewellery boxes are designed and made in style of Faberge by applied art artists in Saint-Petersburg. Many Faberge style jewelery boxes are made in shape of different animals and other creatures. The  boxes are decorated with enamel and with Austrian crystals. These jewellery boxes are very attractive and festive. No doubt that Fabergè jewelry boxes can be very desired and cherished gifts for ladies.
Size (L-W-H): 4x4x9 cm
Size (L-W-H): 3x4x5 cm/1-4/5x1-2/3x2"
Size (L-W-H): 9x7x4 cm/3-2/3x3x1-2/3"
Size (L-W-H): 6x4x3 cm/2-3/4x1-2/3x1-1/5"
Size (L-W-H): 7x4x5.5 cm/3x1-2/3x2"
Size (L-W-H): 9x7x2.5 cm/4-2/3x2-4/5x1"
Size (L-W-H): 7x5x3 cm
Size (L-W-H): 7x5x3 cm
Size (L-W-H): 5x4x3 cm
Size (L-W-H): 5.5x5.5x3 cm
Size (L-W-H): 6x5x3 cm/2-1/3x2x1-1/5"
Size (L-W-H): 7.5x5x3 cm/3x2x1-1/5"
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