About us


The company Russian Crafts locates in Russia in St.Petersburg. All products are made in Russia and are shipped directly from Russia.

The company is sole proprietary, the owner, site administrator and shop manager is me, Michael Terletski, you can contact me directly using the contact information in the bottom of this page. There are some people who helps me on part-time base.

Our History

We started to work with Russian products, gifts and souvenirs in 1991. Then in 1996 we arranged in a web-site which initially located in sub-domain zone, then in 1999 it registered own domain name russian-crafts.com .

Our Collection

The Russian Crafts site offers a wide selection of Russian gifts, souvenirs and other goods. In catalog section visitors can find most popular Russian gifts and souvenirs - nesting dolls, lacquer boxes Pavlovsky Posad wool and Orenburg lace knitted shawls, enamel jewelry items, lacquer brooches and pins, Russian eggs, Russian musical boxes, art blown glass animals figurines.

Our Goals

Russian-crafts.com site is dedicated to Russian craft products and Russian cultural, historical, literature and folk heritage. Russia has unique potential of applied art products, which often are made entirely by hand. These articles of authentic folk art return us back to hoary antiquity with plain wishes and pure thoughts.

Our Philosophy

Visitors of the site have a chance to get acquainted with some Russian cultural, historical and literature traditions. Here is a collection of Russian tales translated into English. This ever growing collection of Russian folk tales gives for English speaking people to read tales by which so many artists were inspired for creating of lacquer boxes, nesting dolls, eggs.

Special section of Russian cuisine and Russian cooking recipes describes most popular Russian dishes that anyone can try to cook, each recipe contains comments that help to reach the best results.

Wholesale Service

We love to collaborate with new partners. In addition to our retail operations, we offer full wholesale service. For more info please contact us.


Contact Information

E-mail eshop@russian-crafts.com
Phone +7-921-963-8086
Mail address Russia, 198330
St .Petersburg, P.O. Box 182
Terletsky Mikhail


You can contact us using the Contact Us form or directly by e-mail.