Theotocos Quick-to-Hear - Skoroposlushnitsa

Icon "Skoroposlushnitsa" was in Dohiarskom a monastery on Athos. She has become famous in 1664 as follows. There was she at a wall before a brotherly dining room, and having dinner passed by it as usual with burning luchinoj. Two times he heard words proceeding from an icon: ? do not smoke my image burning luchinoj ?. Having dinner, having decided, what is it a joke someone from brotherhood, has not heeded these words. On third time the monk has been punished by blindness at the same words. However after a while sight on prays before same icon has been returned to him and thus is said, that the sacred Virgin patronizes this monastery, and appears at the Son for all orthodox Christians which prays are executed by the God for the sake of Its petition, and that from now on the icon will be called "Skoroposlushnitsa". This icon has become famous for many miracles