The "Mete it is" ("Dostoino Est")

The "Mete it is" ("Dostoino Est") Commemorated on June 11

The "Mete it is" ("Dostoino Est") Icon of the Mother of God is situated at the high place of the altar of the cathedral church of the Kareia monastery on Mount Athos. On a certain Sunday, and living not far off from Kareia, an elder went to the monastery for the all-night vigil. In the cell remained a novice, and with the onset of night there was a knock from an unknown monk. At the time of the all-night vigil, when it was necessary to sing the "More Honourable than the Cherubim...", both stood before the Icon of the Mother of God, called "The Merciful" ("Miluiuschaya"), and the guest remarked that they should sing "Mete it is in Truth...". During the time of the singing of the previously unheard song the Icon of the Mother of God brightened with an heavenly light, and the novice wept with joy. At his request this wondrous song, for want of paper, was written on stone, which became softened like wax, under the hand of the strange singer. Calling himself Gabriel, the stranger then became invisible. The Icon of the Mother of God, before which was first sung the "Mete it is", was transferred to the cathedral church of the Dormition of the MostHoly Mother of God at Kareia (the administrative centre of Athos). The stone-tablet, with the song inscribed on it by the Archangel Gabriel, was taken to Constantinople during the time when the Patriarch was Sainted Nicholas Chrysoberges (+ 995, Comm. 16 December). Numerous copies of the "Mete it is" ("Merciful") Icon are revered as holy in Russian churches. At the Galerna Harbour of Peterburg there was erected a church with five cupolas in honour of the Merciful Mother of God, and into it they put a grace-bearing "Merciful" icon sent from Athos.