Theotocos Kazanskaya

18/5 May ( Glorified 1878 )

In 1579 in Kazan on one of site of fire the greatest relic of Russia - icon Kazan Our Lady was wonderfully retrieved. The message about the phenomenon of an icon has scattered on all Kazan. " To take from ground " and to transfer to a temple this relic Kazan archbishop unexpectedly entrusts the ordinary to the priest Ermolai. " Married, not the friar, not archimandrite - for what to him such honour? " - many minded. But archimandrite was unshakable, beginning to see clearly great future of the elected, whose destiny now will be indissolubly coupled to this icon. The priest Ermolai (in monasticism Germogen) becomes the patriarch and in difficult for Russia the vague time will give back the life in saving of belief and native fatherland martyrly.Kazanskaya icon

The Kazan image All-holy Our Lady is most distributed and is honored in Russia. In each orthodox temple it is possible to see this icon, its(her) feast always gathers set of the people.

This icon has appeared after 27 years after conquest Kazan tatars by king by Ivan the Terrible. The Holy Virgin Theotokos the wonderworking icon more to affirm in christian belief conversion from the local inhabitants who were not believed - to arrange to her. The Birth-Giver of God repeatedly was in dream to the devout maiden Matriona, having adjured to announce to Kazan archbishop of Jeremiah, that he has taken from ground Her icon, and thus has indicated place. When have dug out ground, have seen a shining image of the Birth-Giver of God of rather small sizes. On an icon the Birth-Giver of God and blessing baby the Christ-Savior was largly represented. Archbishop with religious procession by a course has brought an image in the nearest church in a name Saint Nicholas, and therefrom in the cathedral of the annunciation it the Birth-Giver of God showed the miracle force, having healed several ills. The icon became a main relic of city of Kazan.

This image is known also by partisoipation for great events of the Russian history.

1612. Vague time. Russian ground is ruined and is waste. The impostors due to betraying of boyars and nobles replace one another on the Moscow throne. In Kremlin the Polish armies stand. The patriarch Germogen is let lamguish in the prison. Already widely are created the plans of complete annexation of Russia to Poland and turning into Catholic all Russianы . Everywhere anarchy and chaos are, the bands of the robbers unpunishedly plunder last for the defenceless population, everywhere famine and ruin. Only courageously defends Trinity-Sergius of Laurus, which advocates mirror second year uncountable attacks of Polish armies. And dying from famine in a dungeon the Patriarch Germogen, refusing to recognize the Polish proteges of the impostors and damned them, writes the letters with call-up to rise on protection of fatherland and belief.

With considerable work Germogen sends in Nizhni Novgorod the message with call-up to rise on protection of fatherland. Other letter, too secretly, he dispatches in Kazan, asking in him to transmit a wonderworking icon of Our Lady to the one who will rise for belief orthodox...

The letter of the patriarch has impressed inhabitans of Nizhni Novgorod. With the participation of Minin and prince Pozharskiy militia was formed. From all test leadss of Russian squads came to. Kazanskaya icon

Long shelfs Russian could not take Moscow. But the icon of Our Lady has been delivered from Kazan. With affection the warriors before Her prayed about bestowal of victory. On all Russian lands was placed strict three-day fast. And of November 4, 1612 militia took possession a fortress of an enemy - Kitai city. Kremlin was soon taken also.

In memory of this great historical event of saving of Russia and end awful discords the autumn commemorating of an Icon of Kazan of the Birth-Giver of God was placed. And on Red square in 1636 was will erect the Kazan cathedral, where was set, as the relic, that icon, which headed militia.

In 1709 tzar Peter the Great was praying before an Icon of Kazan of the Birth-Giver of God on the eve of the Poltava fight, and more than in 100 years, at invasion Napoleon, great Russian commander Michael Kutuzov with teardrops was praying before this sacred image and, having received assignment commanding by Russian army, has assigned to itself medalion with the шmage of an Icon of Kazan. After rout of uncountable armies Napoleon the silver, stolen by the French, was transmitted cossaks by general Platonov to the Kazan cathedral of St.-Petersburg, where the unique iconostas was made of him(it). The revered lists from the Kazan image are known in many places of Russia, and the icon heading militia of Minin and Pozharsiy, is nowadays in Bogoiavlensky Patriarchal cathedral in Moscow, as one of main sacred object of Russia.