Icon of the Mother of God “The Three Joys”

In the early of eighteenth century, a pious painter brought from Italy a copy of the icon depicting the Holy Family. He left it for his relative, the priest of Trinity Church in Moscow. Subsequently, the priest gifted the icon to his church, the icon was placed in the porch, above the entrance to the Church.

After forty years of God's grace glorified icon of wondrous signs.

The legend says that one day a certain noble woman for a short period of time struck several misfortunes — her husband was slandered and exiled, having sampled the Treasury, and the only beloved son, the support and consolation of the unhappy woman, during the war, was taken prisoner. Caught in a desperate situation, the poor woman turned with fervent prayer to the Queen of Heaven, asking Her merciful intercession. The Queen of Heaven heard the plaintive supplications of the unfortunate — once in a dream she heard a voice commanding her to find an icon of the Holy Family and pray before it. Long sought the sorrowing woman the image of Moscow churches and finally found it on the porch of Trinity Church on Pokrovka. Praying hard to the Holy virgin, she soon received three good news: her husband was acquitted and returned from exile, son released from captivity and returned to the estate from the Treasury. Hence the name of the icon "the Three Joys".

The icon depicts the mother of God with the Praeternal divine-Infant in her lap. On the right hand It is Joseph on the left and John the Baptist gazing down at the infant with love.