Theotocos "The Burning Bush"

The scene of the Virgin of the Burning Bush dates from the vision of the prophet Moses. On the Hill of Horeb, Moses saw a burning prickly bush, unconsumed by fire (the burning bush) described in the Book of Exodus, Chapter 3. The Virgin is depicted in the center of the eight-pointed star and on Her breast is Jesus Christ in clerical robes as the "Great High Priest, who hath passed through the heavens " (Epistle to the Hebrews, 4.14). In the Virgin's hands, Christ is portrayed as the Incarnated God-Child. In the right hand of the Virgin is a ladder, also an Old Testament attribute of the Virgin (Genesis, 28.12 -22). The eight-pointed star is created from two four-pointed stars. In the rays of the first star angels are portrayed with Old Testament symbols foretelling of the Virgin: a cherub with angels, an angel with tongs, an angel with an incense chest, and an angel with the Infant Emmanuel. In the rays of the second star are symbols of the four Evangelists: an angel (Matthew), an eagle (John). a calf (Luke). a lion (Mark).