Polina's Godmother Matryoshka

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5 pieces set, size 17.5 cm/7"


Polina's Godmother Matryoshka  Doll is painted in classical traditional style in the village Polkhov Maidan in Nizhniy Novgorod region. The author of this nesting dolls is  godmother of young woman Polina - I cooperate with her some time, she lives in Nizhniy Novgorod region and supplies me with blank nesting dolls and ready nesting dolls painted there. Once she showed me a nesting doll which was painted in traditional manner but looked quite different and vivid. I asked who painted that nesting doll and she said that author was her godmother. I asked to send me some those nesting dolls and now I have a chance to offer for my customers.

The nesting doll is made of soft linden wood, painted with bright not toxic paints and finished with glossy oil lacquer.


5 pieces set, size 17.5 cm/7"

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