Matryoshka of Polina's Godmother

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5 pieces set, size 17.5 cm/7"


Matryoshka of Polina's Godmother is painted in classical traditional style in the village Polkhov Maidan in Nizhniy Novgorod region. The author of this nesting dolls is  godmother of young woman Polina - I cooperate with her some time, she lives in Nizhniy Novgorod region and supplies me with blank nesting dolls and ready nesting dolls painted there. Once she showed me a nesting doll which was painted in traditional manner but looked quite different and vivid. I asked who painted that nesting doll and she said that author was her godmother. I asked to send me some those nesting dolls and now I have a chance to offer for my customers.

The nesting doll is made of soft linden wood, painted with bright not toxic paints and finished with glossy oil lacquer.


5 pieces set, size 17.5 cm/7"

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