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Blank Matryoshka

Blank nesting dolls and unpainted matryoshka which we offer in this product category are sets of unpainted wooden stacking dolls. These products are on sale specially for people who wish to paint own matryoshka dolls. Our unpainted nesting dolls are made of soft and dry linden tree and they are entirely ready for painting. Beside just "stand alone" blank dolls we offer special sets which contain a blank matryoshka with drawing of outlines to make it easier for beginner to paint a nesting doll and a set of water colors with brush and instruction how to paint.


Size 5 pieces set; height 11.5 cm/4.7" tall


Size: 11 cm/ 4.3" tall


Size 5 pieces set; height 10 cm/4" tall


Size 3 pieces set; height 12 cm/5" tall