About two weeks ago I ordered a Tender Mercy icon and one of the kingfisher blown-glass figurines. Both arrived today in perfect condition, and they were very careful in wrapping them to make sure they don't break or get damaged. They both met my expectations, and I am thoroughly pleased with the purchase, especially given the prices. The quality of the bird is especially nice. I've bookmarked this website, and I may have to revisit it in the future...
russianestingdoll.com - true story of nesting dolls
My favorite online store. I have been ordering regularly since 2 years. Impeccable service with great courtesy and precision. Thank you so much. Grazie Michael.
My parcel arrived the morning of 30th November (2019). This is the 7th time I’ve ordered from Russian Crafts & like all parcels of the past, I’m very happy with all items. Some of these are for my relatives & my mum’s friend for Christmas too. I absolutely adore the Birch Bark Trinket Boxes which are intricately beautifully made - even my mum has taken a liking to them. Thank you for the additional Christmas related items too. I LOVE my Matryoshka Gzel/Gzhel doll - she’s BEAUTIFUL!!!! All the Bracelets, pendants, earrings & other items I didn’t mention, I love them all. I hope I wasn’t being too greedy with the Bracelets purchasing either but I do have thing for them. Like my other parcels, everything was heavily secured with bubble wrap so nothing was broken or damaged, everything is in mint condition. Everything that comes from you Michael is a true gift.

Merry Christmas, hope you have a happy New Year too.

17th December 2019, 15:45pm.
So I purchased some items & got my parcel 25th Oct. 2018 (in Australia), about 19 days of waiting. It felt like many Christmas' & Birthdays all at once is how excited I was when my parcel arrived & opening it. Some of these items are Christmas gifts for particular family members & I am very sure they will like them. When I got my parcel, I practically idolized them just staring at them in their beauty & wondered where I shall put them. Beautiful Russian things as always. When I put all my Russian items together, it turns out I have quite a few.
Thank you Michael & your company, you have many beautiful items & don't disappoint customers. I shall buy from here again soon.

6th Nov, 2018, 16:52pm.
I and my wife would personally go in person and meet them when we will visit Russia. I extend my gratitude for such a nice collection of artifacts and their hospitality.
58 out of 59 made it to the United States in perfect condition. They are all very cute, I love them and I'm sure my customers will love them too. They arrived in less than 2 weeks and I couldn't be happier with them. I highly recommend purchasing any thing here, but the birds are really amazing. The detail especially on the mini birds is hard to believe. The mini's are quite a bit smaller than I expected (my inches to cm conversation needs some work obviously.) But they are so cute I don't care that they are that small. Next time I will get more of the regular size than the mini's. All in all very pleased with this purchase, thank you very much.
Thanks for extras and for everything! Very generous seller and excellent service!
Nice items, fast shipping. I am so happy. Thank you very much.
Excelent seller! Very fast delivery! Kindly, Russian Crafts solved my problem. Thank you so much!
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