I and my wife would personally go in person and meet them when we will visit Russia. I extend my gratitude for such a nice collection of artifacts and their hospitality.
58 out of 59 made it to the United States in perfect condition. They are all very cute, I love them and I'm sure my customers will love them too. They arrived in less than 2 weeks and I couldn't be happier with them. I highly recommend purchasing any thing here, but the birds are really amazing. The detail especially on the mini birds is hard to believe. The mini's are quite a bit smaller than I expected (my inches to cm conversation needs some work obviously.) But they are so cute I don't care that they are that small. Next time I will get more of the regular size than the mini's. All in all very pleased with this purchase, thank you very much.
Thanks for extras and for everything! Very generous seller and excellent service!
Nice items, fast shipping. I am so happy. Thank you very much.
Excelent seller! Very fast delivery! Kindly, Russian Crafts solved my problem. Thank you so much!
Thanks so much to Russian Crafts for sending me the order of the beautiful Faberge egg ornaments and pendants. I am absolutely delighted with them and I will definitely order from you again. I would recommend you to anyone wishing to purchase Russian crafts. You have a great selection and when I had a query with my order you were quick to respond and very helpful and friendly.
Thank you so much for my blank nesting dolls and my hairbarrete, I got it within a week to Holland!!! I will order with you again.
I have been a customer with Russian-Crafts for many many years. . . always very beautiful items and perfect customer service. You use to carry the carved toys. . . chickens feeding. . bear chopping wood, etc. Do you think you will carry them again sometime???

Love all your items. . .I have two wool scarfs that are almost 20 yrs old. They are still amazing! Everyone wants one!!
It's me again. Last time I purchased a Music Box & a Zhostovo Bracelet, it took 23 days (probably that long because i'm in Australia). This time I purchased a Streamlet Finift Bracelet for me, a Glass Figurine Tiger for an elder friend (for her late birthday present) & a Lika Blue Flower Bracelet for another elder friend (also her late birthday present too) & it took 18 days to arrive. Very happy with these items & I think they will be too. I can't wait to see them & surprise them with their gifts.

March 26th 2015 13:02pm
I LOVE Russian things. I'm so excited to have purchased a Music Box "Church On The Spilled Blood" & a Dark Blue Zhostovo Violet Flowers hand painted Bracelet. Exactly what I wanted ..... I can't believe I own something Russian. I'm definetely going to purchase more. Us Aussie's can't beat Russia with their fine detailing delicacy & patience of hours of work on their creations. Great for an early birthday present too.

1st March 2015, 13:41pm.
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