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We would like offer you a collection of Russian tapestry wall pictures for home decoration. In this tapestrys pictures and wall hanging collection we present reproductions of old fine art pictures and modern wall fabric tapestries with floral, still life, animal, religious topics. Wall tapestry is a kind of weaving and creating of detailed images and pictures. Wall tapestries and wall tapestry pictures are very attractive for decoration your home or office and from practical point of view these beautiful wall tapestries and tapestry pcitures are strong and durable. All these tapestry pictures are produced at the`Uzor` factory of Vyritsa settlement of Leningrad region in Russia, this is about 80 km from St.Petersburg. These tapestry pictures can be wonderful gifts for any occasion. The pictures are inexpensive, they can suite for any home or office. We sell these wall tapestry pictures unframed but all of these wall tapestries are ready to be framed as they are sewn along the edges, it saves much on shipping as all tapestry pictures are sent directly from Russia. So you can order or do yourself a suitable frame at your local workshop.

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Size 60x40 cm/24x16"

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Size 59x40 cm/24x16"
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Size 66x45 cm/26-1/3x18"
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