Glass Figurines

Glass Figurines which we are presenting here are made in the art glass studios in St.Petersburg in Russia. All glass figurines are hand blown, they are made in technique of lampworking. Each figurine is unique and there is not one exactly the same as all these glass animals figurines are hand made. Pleasse make your choice and buy glass fish figurines, cats, dogs, farm animals. All these beautiful miniature figurines are prefect items for collecting.


Size: 6x3x8 cm/2.3x1.3x3.2"

Size 2x1.5 cm/4/5x2/3"

Size 4x4 cm/1.7x1.7"


Size 3x4 cm/1.2x1.7"


Size 6x4x3 cm / 2.3x1.7x1.2"


Size 4x5 cm/1.7x2"


Size: 7x7 cm/2.8x2.8"


Size: 5x2.5 cm/2x1"


Size: 15 cm/6"


Size: 4.5x2x3 cm/1.8x0.8x1.2"


Size 5x2.5 cm/2x1"


Size: 6x6 cm /2.3x2.3"