Faberge style eggs

Faberge jewelry workshop was founded in St. Petersburg in 1842 but its real glory it gained when son of the founder Carl Faberge became an owner in. Faberge's technical mastery in goldsmith work made him one of the most famous in the world jeweler. He got his new creative ideas from the art of earlier artists. As Supplier to the Imperial Court of Russia, he is best known for his unique series of 50 jeweled Imperial Easter eggs dating from 1885-1916. Faberge's patrons included most of the world's royalty and other wealthy clientele of his time.

Talent of Carl Faberge was melted with his special technical mastery are entirely new style was born. His works are kept in most famous collections and museums of the world. Today a new generation of Faberge craftsmen creates not only exceptional jewelry but also objects of 'art for special occasions. The idea of a jeweled egg has become was tightly connected with name Faberge. Today, the fascination of these pieces of art

After the 1917 October Revolution, Peter Carl Faberge emigrated from Russia. He died in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1920.