Matryoshka Sneguroсhka in Blue Coat

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Matryoshka Stickers
Matryoshka Dolls Stickers

Size: from 5 to 1.5 cm tall each sticker

4 pieces set, size 13 cm/5-1/3"

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Nested Doll Sneguroсhka is painted in Semionovo style describes Russian Snowmaiden.

Semionovo is a small town located near Nizniy Novgorod, this region is known by old traditions of wood crafts. Now these old tradition are still alive and carefully cherished. These nesting dolls are produced at the "Semionov rospis" ("Semionovo painting") factory that actually organized individual crafters and artists. Each nesting doll is painted manually so each of them has its own individual spirit and aura.

The doll is made of soft and light linden tree, painted with non toxic paints and finished with glossy lacquer.

4 pieces set, size 13 cm/5-1/3"

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