Russian Marine Shirt Winter Telnyashka


Russian Marine Shirt Winter Telnyashka which you can see here is an authentic Navy shirt. This is special telnyashka for winter time and it has so called double weaving. This telnyashka is made of very soft 100% natural cotton fabric with density 330 g/sq.m. The strips are white and dark blue (dark blue strips mean Navy forces) and they are weaved, not painted as sometimes Chinese guys made falsified telnyashkas.

This is an authentic Russian NAVY military telnyahska shirt which is made in accordance with military standard of 1983 (GOST-5904-83).

The telnyashka is suitable for wearing in cold winter time.

100% cotton double density

Important! The size of telnyashka is marked here in two different size systems - in Russian and international, they are separated by slash "/", for instance 50/L. This telnyashka has old Soviet time way of sizing - the number of a size (for instance 52) means a half circumstance of a chest in centimeters. So the size 52 means that the chest circumstance is 104 cm. You can take a measuring tape and measure your chest in the most wide part so you can determine quite exactly the size of a telnyashka which would fit you.

100% cotton double density