Telnyahska Military Shirts

Telnyahska Military Shirts (Promotion expired)

These are authentic Russian telnyashka shirts which are worn by soldiers and officers of Russian army. Initially telnyashka type shirts were used only in Navy troops and such telnyashka have dark blue and nwhite stripes. Then such shirts were designed for all other army troops and soldiers of different troops wear telnyashka of different colors - light blue - VDV (Airborn) troops, black - marines, maroon red - spetznaz and National Guard, green - Border Guard, orange - rescues.

Telnyashkas are used in all times of the year. They are made of 100% cotton fabric with density 210 g/m2. Also we offer special and unique telnyashka for winter time, they are thick and warm. Our telnyashkas are soft, comfortable and durable in wearing. They are popular not only in army but also amoung civil persons. Telnyashka makes a man more masculine while ladies which wear telnyashka look sexy and more attractive. We offer these shirts for reduced price in order more people could afford to get them

Action period: from 12/27/2019 to 01/22/2020