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Shawl Tale Motives

 Shawl Tale Motives, fig. 1

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Size 125x125cm/50x50"

Shawl Tale Motives is a medium size shawl with silk fringe, it is made of 100% wool at the Pavlovo-Posad shawl factory in Russia

Pavlovo-Posad woolen shawl with silk fringe.
Material: 100% wool

Designer: Elena Litvinova

Important!!!  It is not recommended to wash shawls, use only dry cleaning.  Anyway at your own risk you can wash woolen shawls but use for it not hot water with temperature less than 30 °C (86 ° F).  Use for it special washing dusts for wool. After washing rinse it in a warm water, then in cold. Washing in cold water add into water some vinegar. Then squash and dry the shawl spreading it on a horizontal surface.

Size 125x125cm/50x50"