Pink Ushanka Hat

Pink Ushanka Hat

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Pink color

Pink Ushanka Hat is an authentic Russian winter ear flaps fur hat  “Ushanka” has been widely used in Russia since old time till nowadays. It is very practical and utilitarian as this fur hat protects from cold Russian climate. In past hats were made of different natural furs but with time when new materials were invented artificial fur hats became more popular, they are less expensive and more durable in wearing.

These ear flaps fur winter hats were and  still are used as a part of military uniform for winter time.  An emblem (cockade) is fixed onto the hat. Here you can select how to order a hat - with emblem or without it.

This hat is made of artificial fur that imitates mouton (sheepskin).

An emblem is not fixed to the hat and is included separately so you can wear the hat as a plain "civil" hat or you can fix the emblem yourself and to wear the hat in "military" manner.

There are different sizes of hats - starting from 56 ending 62 (American 7 - 7-3/4). Please, select your size while ordering. Below you can see some examples how this hat would look like if some known people would try it (just for fun)


How to determine your hat size

Measuring Instructions: 
To detramine your hat size you should measure your head. Use a tapemeasure to determine the circumference of your head to the nearest 1/8 of an inch by measuring across the widest part of the head, above the eyebrows and ears. Use the Sizing Chart to convert this measurement in inches to a hat size.

Size Designator   S M L XL XXL XXXL
US size
6 3/4
6 7/8
7 1/8
7 1/4
7 3/8
7 1/2
7 5/8
7 3/4
7 7/8
Size in inches
21 1/8
21 1/2
21 7/8
22 1/4
22 5/8
23 1/2
23 7/8
24 1/4
24 5/8
Russian (metric) size

Pink color