Sturgeon fried in portions

1.5 lb (750 gm) sturgeon
2 tbsp. flour
3 tbsp. butter
1/3 lemon
salt and pepper (white!) to taste

Way of cooking
Cut the prepared fish into portions (helpings), scal, wash well, dry, then salt, pepper and roll in the flour. Heat the butter properly in a frying-pan
and brown both sides of the fish until golden crust forms. Lay on a dish, pour the butter from the frying-pan over it, decorate with slices of the lemon and
spring of parsley. Serve with fried potatoes.
If you do not mamage to get sturgeon you can take pike-perch. One more advise - if you sprinkle before fryong prepared fish with lemon juice it will ruther
improve taste (try to use dry white wive, too).

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