Mushroom soup

50 g of dried mushrooms
 800 g potatoes
 1 carrot
 1 onion
 20 g parsley

Way of cooking 
First make a mushroom stock. Carefully wash some dried mushrooms and put them in saucepan with cold water: 2 litres to 50 grammes of dried mushrooms. Soak
them for 3-4 hours and then cook them in the same water until they are tender. Strain the stock and wash the mushrooms again. To make mushroom soup from this
stock, finely chop 80 grammes of carrots, 20 grammes of parsley root and 80 grammes of onions. Saute. Meanwhile dice 800 grammes of potatoes. Put the
sauted vegetables and potatoes in the stock and simmer for 15 - 20 minutes. Add the shredded mushrooms during cooking, and salt to taste at the end.
Mushroom soup is usually served with sour cream.
You can make soup with fresh ceps and vegetables.

At a pinch you can take field mushrooms that can be bought at any supermarket.

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