Beef goulash

1.5 lb (700 gm) meat
 2 oz (60 gm) fat
 1 tbsp flour
 1 big onion
 1/2 tsp hot red peppers
 2 oz (50 gm) tomato paste

Way of cooking
Cut the beef into 6-8 pieces per helping. Salt and sprinkle with the flour. Brown the meat pieces evenly in some of the strongly heated fat and transfer
into saucepan. Cut the onion into rings an brown them in the remaining fat. Transfer them (together with the fat) into the sauce-pan wi ht the meat inside
Add some water and cook with the lid on. Brown the tomato paste and the red peppers, add the resulting sauce to the meat and continue cooking for several
minutes more.

Did you read the recipe above? Forget it. To be honest goulash is Hungarian dish. As a matter of fact this dish is quite popular in Russia and few people
know that this is not Russian and few cooks know how to prepare it properly. Here is a recipe of real goulash that I heard from high skilled cook Ilia
Leserson from St .Petersburg.
Ingredients the same except hot red peppers, instead of it take 1 tb sp of powder of paprika. You do not need tomato paste but you have to prepare
potatoes (1.5 lb / 700 gm)
Melt fat in a frying pan, add paprika. and chopped onion, brown all a little bit. Then add cut into small cubes (1x1") meat . Fry a couple of minutes the
mixture. Then add a little bit (just a half of tsp) of flour and put all into pan, pour there beef broth (or at a pinch just water). Stew meat for 1-1.5
depending of quality of meet.
Boil potatoes in a separate pan. Cook potatoes until half ready, add to the stewing meat and stew for 5-7 minutes. It is ready! Enjoy.