Nesting Doll Round Bun (Kolobok)

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Nesting Doll Round Bun describes Russian folk tale The little round bun (Kolobok). The tales tells us about Little Round Bun, it was baked by old woman and was put on the window to cool. The Little Round Bun escaped and decided to travel. During his travel he met different animals. What happened with him read the full version of the tale here.

This doll set is a perfect to play with children, you can print out the tale and read it to your little kids, during reading can play with the doll set. All little animals are put inside the largest doll.

The doll is painted with bright paints that do not contain any lead. It is well finished with glossy lacquer

Size 5 pieces set; height ~8 cm/3-1/5" tall

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