Nesting Doll Teremok

Nested Doll  "Teremok"

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Size 7 pieces set; height ~10 cm/4" tall

Nested Doll  Teremok is based on motives of very popular Russian folk tale "Little Hut" ("Teremok") and it is designed and painted at the Semionov toy factory.

The story is as following. Once upon a time there was a nice wooden house. A little Mouse passed by - knock, knock! - and asked if there was anybody in. No one answered, Mouse entered and started living there. Soon a Frog passed by Teremok - knock, knock! - and asked Mouse if they could live together. Mouse agreed. A Hair, a Fox and a Wolf also came to the house. So they lived together: Mouse, Frog, Hair, Fox and Wolf.  Once a big Bear passed by. He also asked to let him in. But Teremok was too small for Bear, so he just sat on the roof. The house creaked and collapsed. Mouse, Frog, Hair, Fox, Wolf and Bear began to build a new house, made it better and bigger that previous one to accommodate everyone and lived there happily.

This doll set is a perfect to play with children. All little animals are put inside the hut which is opened as a nesting doll. Please have a look at this short movie that my little son (8 years) made using this toy

Teremok movie

The doll is painted with bright paints that do not contain any lead. It is well finished with glossy lacquer

Size 7 pieces set; height ~10 cm/4" tall