Semenov Matryoshka Doll 7 Pieces Set


Semenov Matryoshka Doll is painted in Semionovo style is easy to recognize - this nested dolls are painted with bright colors, mainly red and yellow, bright roses are painted on the front side of the stacking dolls. With these laconic signs all Russian nesting dolls by different artists look different.

This simplicity is easy to understand so little children like these nested dolls most of all.

The first Semionovo nesting doll was painted in 1913 and since that time this style was developed into unique style of decorative painting.

The nesting doll is made of soft linden wood, painted with bright not toxic paints and finished with glossy oil lacquer.


7 pieces set, size 16 cm/6-1/3"

I am really happy with is - the quality is good, all dolls are fit tight, good varnishing.
Delivered as it was declared. I bought the nesting doll for my 5 years daughter, she really enjoys the toy, initially she could not open the biggest doll as did not know where to open, funny.
All dolls of the set are cutey and shiny and I am quite satisfied. I wish the delivery would be faster but I understand that the product was sent from Russia.
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