Matryoshka Russian Girl 8 pieces


Matryoshka Russian Girl 8 pieces is painted in Semionovo style and it is easy to  recognize - they are painted with bright colors, mainly red and yellow, bright roses are painted on the front side of the nesting doll. With these laconic signs all dolls by different artists look different. The first Semionovo nesting doll was painted in 1913 and since that time this style was developed into unique style of decorative painting.

Semionovo is a small town located near Nizniy Novgorod, this region is known by old traditions of wood crafts. Now these old tradition are still alive and carefully cherished. These nesting dolls are produced at the "Semionov rospis" ("Semionovo painting") factory that actually organized individual crafters and artists. Each nesting doll is painted manually so each of them has its own individual spirit and aura.

Painting of nesting dolls is rich but not heavy, at first glance the may seem a little bit naive and simple but this style makes the nesting doll especially  attractive is for children. Children love to play with these nesting dolls.

Please pay your attention on the packing of these nesting dolls. They are packed into special sacks - it protects the doll during shipping, as well it partly protects from falsification of these nesting dolls. To be honest there are individual artisans who make nesting dolls in Semionovo style but very often quality is not good, especially quality of finishing because they use not proper cheap lacquer.

8 pieces set, size 20 cm/8"