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Matryoshka Nail File

Matryoshka Nail FIle

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Size: 15x1.5 cm/6x2/3"
Matryoshka Nail File is decorated with matryoshka is dual sided and it prevents splitting. Ultra-fine glass surface ideal to file nails quickly and gently. Double sided surface will not wear down - just rinse and reuse. Perfect for all nail types; works great on polished nails.

The handle of the file is decorated with matryoshka doll, it is not painted. just polygraph picture and protected with special coating.The nail file is kept in a case.

The file represents only one possible design/color. There is an assortment of colors which you can see on one of pictures and we will send one of possible colors.

Size: 15x1.5 cm/6x2/3"