Blank Matrioska Set Easter Day


This unpainted (blank form) nesting doll is specially for people who wish to paint their own doll. To help them to do it the unpainted nesting doll has drawing of the outline of the doll. The outlines are made not with a pencil but using a burning technique as it was made hundred years ago when the first Russian nesting doll was made. This makes a kind of border of parts. this prevents mixing of water color paints.

The blank nesting doll is made on soft and dry lime tree and it is ready for painting. The set consists of 3 pieces, the largest doll is 8.5 cm/3-1/3" tall. The outline drawing is for painting nesting doll describing of band of Russian Easter Day.

The unpainted doll is completed with a small box of water colors (6 colors) and with a small brush so you can start painting right away. On the packing bag there is sample of a nesting doll so you can look at it and paint your own.

Size: 3 pieces set; height 8.5 cm/3-1/3" tall