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Matryoshka Eggs Camomiles

 Matryoshka Eggs Camomiles, fig. 1

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5 pieces set, size 11.5 cm/4-2/3"

Matryoshka Eggs Camomiles is a set of 5 pieces nested eggs which are painted like regular matryoshka dolls with Comomiles flowers. This is in the same time a matryoshka doll and Easter egg so this set is an universal gift for any occasion and for any event. This matroyshka may attract attention of collectors of nesting dolls.

The eggs are made of dry and soft lime tree. The painting is made with lead-free tempera and gouache paints and then is finished with glossy oil lacquer.

By the way you can paint your owl nesting doll eggs - here we sell Blank Nested Eggs set. You can buy both sets - ready painted one and blank one.

5 pieces set, size 11.5 cm/4-2/3"