Sale of nesting dolls

Russian nesting dolls with discount (Promotion expired)

Matryoshka dolls are the most popular and most known Russian souvenir. It appeared in Russia about 100 years ago and since that time it made huge development and transformation. There are some different styles of traditional nesting dolls - Sergiev Posad style, Semionov style, Polkhovskiy Maidan and Viatka styles. Beside these "clasical" style there are some modern styles which are more complex in painting and decoration/ first all this is style which was developed by artists from Saint-Petersburg.

The main topic of painting is Russian girl in colorful dress and shawl. These nesting dolls are decorated with floral ornaments and panting of flowers on the dress and especially on the shawl. There are also some other themes of painting - tales, animals, political leaders and celebrities, Christmas topics and even portraits of real people made on custom orders.

Here we offer some matryoshka dolls with reduced prices but it does not mean that they are not god or they have some faults. We constantly get new nesting dolls and in order to be always in action we try to speed up our sales even with less profits. Our customers may use this possibility and to buy matryoshka at more attractive price,

Action period: from 09/27/2019 to 10/16/2019


10 pieces set, size 15 cm/6"


10 pieces set, size 14 cm/5,7"


5 pieces set, size 17 cm /7" tall


21 pieces set, size 16 cm/6-1/3"


7 pieces set, size 16 cm/6-1/3"


7 pieces set, size 20 cm /8" tall


10 pieces set, size 15 cm/6"


11 pieces set, size 16 cm/6"

5 pieces set, size 17.5 cm/7"
5 pieces set, size 17.5 cm/7"

5 pieces set, size 12.5 cm/5"

5 pieces set, size 17.5 cm/7"