Kitchen Linen Textiles

Kitchen Linen Textiles and Stainless Flatware Product

We offer some selection of textile items which can decorate your kitchen and home - these are tablecloths and napkins which are decorated in styles of traditional Russian crafts. First of all these tablecloths in Khohloma and Gzel styles. Khohloma style is an old Russian wooden painted tableware craft which is known by bright golden and red floral decoration on black or red background. Such products are still manufactured by factory in town Semionov (this is Nizhniy Novgorod region) and by individual artisans which live in environ of Semionov. Gzhel style is an old porcelain tableware which is know by bright blue decoration on white. Name of this style goes from a center of this craft vilage by name Gzehl.

Also we offer for reduced price flatware which is made in Povlovo-on-Oka town - this is in Nizhniy Novgorod region. These are folks, spoons, knifes and some other pieces which are made of stainless steel and decorated with drawing and special coating which make the pieces very attractive and festive.

At the moment we sell these products with 40% discount - this is usual wholesale discount so do not miss you chance to acquire high quality products for attractive price.

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Action period: from 05/26/2020 to 06/10/2020