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Zhostovo style tray

Zhostovo tray Flowers

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Size 33x23 cm/13-1/5x9-2/3"

This metal tray was hand-made by Zhostovo craftsmen. The technique of making these trays is complicate (read more about this craft here). At least three craftsmen are involved in this work - a smith who fogs the metal base, crafter who ground the trays with black or other color ground and the painter who creates a real piece of art. The tray is painted with bright and durable oil paints, then the tray is covered with some layers of transparent glossy lacquer to protect the painting. Each tray is made in one copy only and each tray is painted by artist (pay your attention at the detailed fragment with artist's signature).

Size 33x23 cm/13-1/5x9-2/3"