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Jewelry Box Green Frog

 Jewelry Box Green Frog, fig. 1

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Size (L-W-H): 6x4x3 cm/2-3/4x1-2/3x1-1/5"

Faberge Jewelry Box Green Frog is made in old traditions by artists of Russian company AKM. The box is made of brass, gilded, enameled with several layers of multicolored enamel and it is also nicely decorated with Austrian crystals. The box can be opened as you can see on the picture and you can put there something small, for instance a valuable ring.

The box can be a perfect "stand alone" gift or to be an original addition to the ring. The box is well packed into a decorative box.

Size (L-W-H): 6x4x3 cm/2-3/4x1-2/3x1-1/5"