Crafts Supplies

Here we offer some crafts supplies for those people who wish to paint their own nesting dolls, eggs, wooden toys and utilitarian items. All these supplies are made of well dried and soft wood by skillful Russian artisans. The most popular are blank nesting dolls (matryoshka) and we have a variety of such items. Also we offer different wooden boxes, cups, vases - such items are used to paint in Khohloma style.


Size: 7.5 cm/3" tall


Size: 15x8 cm/6x3-1/5"


Size: 11 cm/ 4-1/3" tall


Size 7.5x4 cm/3x1-2/3"


Each doll is 4.5 cm/1-4/5" tall


Size 5 pieces set; height 10 cm/4" tall