Blank Nesting Dolls - popular products

Blank Nesting Dolls which are displayed here can be used to paint your own nesting dolls! These unpainted blank matryoshka dolls are made of soft well dried linden and are entirely ready to paint on them. You can use any paints but the nest results you can get using gauche or tempera paints. The the painted nesting doll you should finish with transparent lacquer.

3 pieces set; height 8.5 cm/3-1/3"


3 pieces set; height 9.5 cm/3-4/5"


Size 6 pieces set; height 13 cm/5-1/5" tall


Size: 11 cm/ 4-1/3" tall


Size 5 pieces set; height 9 cm/3-2/3" tall


Size 5 pieces set; height 7.5 cm/3" tall


Size 5 pieces set; height 11 cm/4-1/3" tall