Black Telnyashka Top for Russian Submarine NAVY

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Size 16.5x4.5 cm/6x1-4/5"

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100% cotton, density 210 g/m2

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Black Telnyashka Top for NAVY s an authentic blue stripes telnyashka top. Literally telnyashhka means "body shirt" and indeed it is very comfortable as it is made of very soft 100% natural cotton fabric with density 210 g/sq.m.

This telnyashka top is ORIGINAL, it is made starting from weaving the fabric till sewing the ready product in accordance with military state standards (GOST 25904-83).

Telnyashka with black stripes is considered to wear by NAVY officers and sailors which serve in submarine flett.

The telnyashka is suitable for everyday wearing, it can be used for wearing alone in warm time and to wear as underwear in cold time.

The size of telnyashka is fixed in two different size systems - in Russian and international, they are separated by slash "/", for instance 50/L. Size in numeric value means half of chest circumference. Size in letters is the international system of sizes of T-shirts.

100% cotton, density 210 g/m2

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