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Russian doll is one of the names of Russian matryoshka. The correct name should be "nesting dolls" but there are many other names like "Russian dolls". Russian dolls are made of wood and then painted with tempera or gauche paints. The ready painting usually is finished with some layer of glossy lacquer. There are some nesting dolls which are not finished with lacquer, for instance so called burnt nesting dolls when the picture is painted with hot needle or dolls painted with water colors as such painting look better and more attractive without finishing. All our Russian dolls are painted by ha

5 pieces set, size 10 cm/4"


5 pieces set, size 14 cm/5-2/3"

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5 pieces set, size 12.5 cm/5"

Vladimir Putin Matryoshka Save 20%
$25.00 $20.00

5 pieces set, size 17.5 cm/7"

Russian Political Leaders Save 20%
$39.00 $31.20

10 pieces set, size 14 cm/5-3/4"

11 pieces set, size 15 cm/6"

Size: 7.5 cm tall, 4 cm diameter