Traditional Matryoshka

Matryoshka Russian nesting dolls which are made in traditional styles of Russian dolls is one of the most know Russian souvenir. The very first Russian matryoshka nesting doll was made more than hundred years ago. Now we have a large variety of matryoshka nesting dolls with many different topics. All what artists can see around may be painting on matryoshka dolls so the Russian dolls reflect Russian life and traditions. Here we have matryoshka painted in Serviev Posad traditions and nesting dolls decorated in Semionov country style of nestling dolls.

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9 pieces set, size 22.5 cm/9"


4 pieces set, size 13 cm/5-1/3"

6 pieces set, size 20 cm/8"

6 pieces set, size 12.5 cm/5"


8 pieces set, size 20 cm/8"

4 pieces set, size 11 cm/4-1/3"